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How To Volunteer
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Volunteering with a nonprofit can be among the most rewarding experiences you'll ever have. And volunteering with a professional organization, such as the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, also can benefit your career and networks of business contacts. 

But great events like the Alamo ACE and monthly luncheons don't just happen on their own. Neither does the ability to award more than $350,000 (and counting) in STEM scholarships and teaching grants, expand the chapter's support for wounded warriors and military families, or to see your (or your company's) name and photo in Signal magazine. All of these stem from the passion and time willingly spent by Alamo AFCEA volunteers to contribute to our community. 

And our nonprofit can only be as strong as its base of volunteers. 

If you're interested in deepening your involvement with Alamo AFCEA, we always have room. We're a large chapter with no fewer than nine board-level committees, and a number of smaller subcommittees associated with those functions. If you have even a few hours to spare each month, it's easy to make a difference! 

Check out the list of positions below, and let us know where you'd like to lend a hand by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

A small number of people are needed to help write, review and edit nomination packages for submission to AFCEA International. Awards are submitted on a seasonal basis, so volunteers are needed only a few times a year for a few days at a time prior to nomination deadlines.

Attributes: Skillful writer or editor, enjoys wordsmithing and polishing nomination packages.

Active-duty members of Alamo AFCEA are eligible for these positions. Our goal is to expand membership and involvement from the Army, Marines, Coast Guard and other services -- and we're bringing programs to all aspects of Joint Base San Antonio to support that goal.

Open positions:

- Lackland Main Base Deputy
- Lackland Main Base Vice Deputy
- Fort Sam Houston Post Deputy
- Fort Sam Houston Post Vice Deputy
- NSA Deputy
- NSA Vice Deputy
- NIOC Deputy
- NIOC Vice Deputy

The deputy and vice deputies will be the base or post point of contact for organizing and coordinating Alamo AFCEA events at their respective location.

- Lunch and Learn Co-Chair: Will work with base or post deputies and vendors to set up military/government outreach events at respective locations. 

- Treasurer Co-Chair: Will work with Military Affairs VP to create and track annual budget.

- Secretary Co-Chair: Will organize monthly meetings of Military Affairs committee, document and send out minutes.


Volunteers of many descriptions to help document and promote Alamo AFCEA activities and initiatives.
Attributes: Enjoys writing and/or photography. Organized and self-motivated, detail- and deadline-oriented. Flexibility to attend a range of AFCEA activities on a quarterly basis.

- Signal Magazine: Read/understand Signal Magazine guidelines for monthly chapter submissions; discuss/coordinate coverage with committee VP; take accurate notes from keynote speakers or other events. 

- Military City USA Radio (webmaster): Working knowledge of Wordpress platform; post guest bios with appropriate photos and logos to website weekly; promote on social media; update podcasts weekly. Maintain photo galleries and other touches to ensure up-to-date, accurate website.

- Photography: Photographers are needed for all kinds of reasons. Help to illustrate our submissions to Signal Magazine each month and create up-to-date visual archives on our chapter website and Facebook pages. Photos are also needed for marketing materials and updates. Whether you use a camera phone or a high-end DSLR is immaterial; an eye for composition and focus and the ability to share your work (with background details needed for captions) in a file-sharing system with the VP/communications and team is essential. Everybody loves a great photo!

- Social Media: Extroverted personality who understands and makes appropriate use of various social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Enjoys social communication and promoting chapter initiatives in business-friendly manner. Can devise or contribute to social media editorial calendar in collaboration with committee chair; ability to measure and grow engagement monthly a plus.

Alamo AFCEA members who are 40 or younger comprise this group. Young AFCEANs provide a number of critical functions and often operate in a "shadow" position for vice presidents/committee chairs. Volunteers eager to learn and be mentored, to share ideas and creativity, propose and contribute solutions on a variety of fronts are always needed. 

- Event Registration and Setup: Volunteers needed to help with registration, fund collection, and setup/teardown at monthly luncheons.
Attributes: Organized and punctual, able to attend events regularly with an early show or late departure time. Friendly and welcoming while working at registration table.