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Wounded Warrior and Military Families (W2MF) Endowment Fund
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The Wounded Warrior and Military Families (W2MF) Endowment Fund was established to provide financial assistance for wounded warriors, veterans and military families through community-based programs and outreach assistance.For donation requests, the Alamo AFCEA Chapter maintains criteria and an approval process to qualify and register individual or community-based programs for Endowment grants. Each charity will undergo an initial vetting process to determine basic eligibility and 501(c)3 status. Any charity selected to receive donations on an annually-programmed basis will also undergo an annual status review.


Primary Categories of Focused Support:

  • Wounded Warriors
  • Veterans
  • Military Families

Charitable Giving Guidelines & Donation Requests

The Alamo AFCEA Chapter considers various factors when evaluating a contribution request.  These criteria are listed below.

Application Process

Alamo AFCEA utilizes an online contribution request process. To begin, please carefully read the qualifications and other considerations outlined below. If your organization qualifies, you may submit an Online Donation Request to begin the application process.

Qualifications for Non-Profit Organizations

We specifically focus on frequently overlooked charities through which donations can have an immediate and profound impact on locally-focused programs supporting wounded warriors, veterans, and military families.

To be eligible for the Alamo AFCEA Chapter charitable contribution, charitable organizations must meet the following criteria:
  • Approved 501(c)3 non-profit, community-based program
  • U.S. organizations must have a current and active 501(c)(3) verification from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) focused on supporting veterans, military families, or wounded warriors, a not-for-profit, military service-associated organization, or a U.S. governmental subdivision such as a school or state hospital.
  • Priority given to those organizations located or specifically operating within the general San Antonio (Alamo AFCEA Chapter) area of service.
  • All candidates must have strong fiscal management and governance practices.
  • All candidate organizations will undergo basic due diligence to ensure they are in compliance with candidate criteria and are of positive reputation and commitment to their stated mission.
  • All exceptions to these criteria will be approved by the Alamo AFCEA Chapter Financial Committee.


The Alamo AFCEA Chapter, while reviewing each application on a case-by-case basis, does not normally provide charitable donations for the following:
  • Capital campaigns and endowments, building projects, or equipment
  • Organizations that discriminate by race, creed, gender, age or national origin
  • Political activities and organizations
  • Religious organizations for religious purposes
  • Individuals
  • Underwriting, development, or production of films, video, television, or websites
  • Organizational overhead costs
  • Pass-through to an unapproved third party recipient
  • Sectarian/religious activities, including churches, synagogues and other places of worship
  • Symposiums, conferences, conventions, professional association meetings, trips or tours
  • Fraternal, labor groups or social/professional organizations serving only their members
  • Merchandise promotions, partnerships or advertising
  • Membership fees or association fees, either personal or corporate
  • Family Foundations
  • Transportation and travel expenses
  • Salaries
  • Government agencies
  • Loans or investments
  • Research studies
  • Merchandise for fundraisers and auctions
  • General awareness campaigns
  • Parties, celebrations, parades, festivals and raffles
  • Deficit funding

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