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La Cantera Resort & Spa, San Antonio, TX
November 18-21, 2019

Golf Tournament

Golf Tournament Lead – Will assist with registration and be responsible for checking in all golfers the day of the tournament, informing them of the proceeds that will go to support the Alamo Chapter Wounded Warriors and Military Families Endowment Fund, selling mulligans and additional tournament-related prizes. Ensure the players are assigned to the appropriate team during check in and ensure each team has four players by pairing up registered singles. (Quantity: 10-12 on day of tourney). Attire: Comfortable, professional civilian clothes (khakis/polo).

  1. On-course spotters – are responsible for providing refreshments, ensuring each group knows where they are starting as well as any additional on-the-golf-course needs.
  2. Hole-in-One – These individuals will be responsible for additional prize sells “on the hole” and to witness all “initial” tee shots from all four players. NO MULLIGAN Shot will count on the hole-in-one prize. Typically, if there are enough volunteers, one would remain on the tee box and the other would remain on the green. If one requires a break, the other can fill in but both CANNOT leave the hole unattended.


Exposition Registration Lead - will be required to crosscheck all registered conference guests and provide appropriate badges for entry into the expo hall and specific training events. (Quantity 10 volunteers each day). Attire: Casual (Slacks/Polo)


Protocol Lead - This key position must work with appropriate and local protocol officers to ensure that the event has accounted for all distinguished visitors, general officers, elected officials, etc. They may be required to contact the appropriate DV’s office for clarification to ensure the DV’s visit is smooth and dignified. (Quantity: 10 volunteers daily) VIP escorts: Business Casual (Slacks/Button down/Tie)

  1. DV/VIP Sentry – gatekeeper for DV/VIPs breakroom/location. You are responsible for keeping all non-DV/VIPs from entering the breakroom. You will obtain a list of all those DV/VIPs prior to reporting to the room/location. Exposition badges will be primary means of delineating Non-DVs or by personal recognition of the DV/VIP. (Quantity: 2 or 3 each day)
  2. Guest speaker escort – volunteer will be required to escort the speaker to and from pre-agreed location to DV/VIP break location, applicable conference room/location, and anywhere within the exposition hall as required. (Quantity: 3 or 4)
  3. Runners – Runners will relay important messages, work with protocol officers to ensure general officers/DVs flags are posted appropriately and dignified, expedited any message info to/for any AFCEA Board of Directors to applicable source as needed. Will also provide breaks to other volunteers. (Quantity: 2 or 3)


Logistics lead - This key position is responsible to ensure the AACE runs smoothly. There are a lot of moving pieces and this lead will ensure many of the “behind the scenes” operations are fully operational. (Quantity: 20 volunteers daily). Attire: Comfortable, professional civilian clothes (Khakis/Polo)

  1. Pavilion Concierge – The pavilion concierge will be responsible for providing information pertaining to all tracks, guest speaker times/location, and be able to point out specifics concerning knowledge any expo event in the facility. (Quantity: 2 or 3 each day)
  2. Parking Lot Concierge – provide detail directions from the parking location(s) to the appropriate location of the exposition. (Quantity: 2 each day)
  3. Exhibit Hall Monitor – Primary focus is to provide up-to-the-minute updates to emcee, pavilion concierge, and parking lot concierge to ensure they are abreast of any schedule, venue, room, and or speaking changes including any other unforeseen changes. Will be the primary method of disseminating important information to the Board of Directors, DVs, VIPs, and any applicable personnel. (Quantity: 1-2 each day)
  4. Luncheon Door Sales/Support – This position is responsible for checking and verifying “PAID” credentials into the lunch area. If tickets are issued, you will take up and account for them along with keeping un-paid guest out of the lunch area. (Quantity: 2 or 3)
  5. Session Support – This position will work with the guest speaker and guest speaker escort to ensure their needs are met (water for guest speaker, notepaper, sound support, public address support, etc.) you will not be responsible for venue’s equipment, but you will need to know who to contact in case something goes awry. (Quantity: 3 or 4)
  6. Speaker Notetaker – Identify speaker’s desires on what he or she wants, takes notes concerning questions asked, and consolidates all notes each day and provide them to CMP Management (Lindy Jordan) for overall consolidation and action item tracking. (Quantity: 3 or 4)
  7. Q&A Support – these members will ensure any individuals who wish to participate in Q&A will be provided a microphone prior to asking their question.

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