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Alamo ACE Acquisition Day

DHA Industry Exchange

DHA will host an Industry day on November 8th and 9th. The focus of this industry day ties into the ALAMO ACE theme “The Next Frontier – Transforming Enterprise Ops to Multi-Domain Ops.” It is our intent to provide access and insight to the senior leader’s perspective on current developments at DHA and future challenges in transforming to multi-domain operations strategically, and military health operations in the future across our joint military treatment facilities. DHA Industry Exchange event location will be at the La Cantera Resort and Spa in San Antonio, TX in conjunction with Alamo ACE professional engagement

Either a full or one day registration to the Alamo ACE is required for attendance.

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The event is coordinated by Ms. Jackie Pinkston (J4). VADM Bono is on the agenda to give opening remarks. It is anticipated that the event will garner approximately 500 RSVPs that will predominantly be made up of industry partners and those in industry looking to contract with DHA.

All DHA JDIRs, PMs, SMEs, vendors in Health Industry and supporting DHA contracting staff to include tie in with ALAMO ACE event.

DHA Industry Event ties into the Alamo ACE which is an annual event with a national draw supporting the military community.

The purpose of this industry day is to:

  • To discuss DHA strategic plan and future state as it relates to NDAA 2019
  • Communicate FY19 and FY20 contracting opportunities
  • Facilitate communications among DHA Program Offices and industry representatives
  • Encourage networking among vendors and DHA
  • Hold Industry Partner Network sessions on 9 November with panel breakouts by JDIRs PM and SMEs (topics still being decided)

Location: La Cantera Ballroom

The Industry day morning session consists of presentations from DHA leaders beginning introduction and opening remarks followed by Joint Directorates providing overviews of selective requirements/opportunities. Q&A will be held during the afternoon sessions.

0730 - 0800
Registration and Breakfast
0800 - 0810
Administration and Welcome
0810 - 0815
Introduction of ADM Bono
0815 - 0930
Title Coming Soon.
0930 - 1000

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1000 - 1030
Title Coming Soon.
1030 - 1100
Title Coming Soon.
1100 - 1245
Lunch Break

Sponsored By: Norseman Inc.

1245 - 1300
Dessert Break

Sponsored By: Veritas

1300 - 1330
SB/ GSA Overview
1330 - 1345
Industry Day Do’s and Don’t
1345 - 1400

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1400- 1615
JDIR Forecast
1615 - 1800